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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Car Wash vs....the weather...

On Saturday, April 23, the VCU Urban Studies Student Association held a very successful car wash in order to raise funds that were missing to throw Dr. Moeser and Dr. Johnson a retirement party on the 6th of May.

When the car wash was scheduled, rumour had it that a chance of rain might throw off our plans. That was before it poured the entire day on Thursday, and the forecast changed to denote a wet weekend through Saturday night. Ukrop's hadn't gotten back to us about a rain date, so we braved the prediction and showed up armed with shammies, soap & whatnot all the same.

9:45 We were all a little late, except for Amy, but we still managed to set up by about 10am. Weak water pressure and grey skies did little to intimidate us. There was some standing around to be had by all.

10:30 We washed Jeremiah's car. A few times. A nice man gave us the keys to a Ukrop's Delivery van and a ten dollar bill and told us to move it to the side of the parking lot when we were done.

11:30 I took my turn at sign duty; stood out on Broad St with a flourescent green poster. Right away a gentleman nodded at pointed at the parking lot entrance to let me know he was heading for a wash. I was easily misled by this event. The next time I turned behind me I saw a scene reminiscent of "Lord of the Flies," shammies hung to dry on tree limbs, grocery-go-getters attempting to maneuver around students splayed on pavement.

12:30 A lunch rush of sorts. Cars were lined up four at a time for a good wash. Who would have thought that 10am on a Saturday would have been too early to start?

More pictures here!